Welcome To Lifetime Learning Center

Sharpen Your Mind & Meet New Friends!

We offer daytime, social events and non-credit college-level courses for older adults in a wide range of subjects. Our courses provide the joy of learning and challenging the mind without the problem of exams or grades. Our courses range from literature, history, and opera appreciation to bridge, yoga, and tai chi (geared to older adults), watercolor, quilting, computer classes, and writing your life story. About 35 classes are offered each quarter (Fall, Winter, and Spring). Each class is offered one day a week for eight weeks.

The best way to get to know us is to visit a class. You are welcome to sit in on any class you are interested in - just drop by the office and introduce yourself before class!

Many of our instructors are retired academics. Others are current professionals and artists. All are volunteers who offer their time and expertise. Their reward is the satisfaction of teaching enthusiastic students.

You'll find we are one of the best bargains in continuing education in the Puget Sound region. Our goal is that no student be excluded by the cost of attending our classes. Check our current schedule for class fees.

Special Events

In addition to scheduled classes, the Center invites speakers and performers for lunch events at the Center's auditorium. Our social festivities include the Huge Annual Book Sale and auction and a Teacher and Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon.

Our Location

Lake City Presbyterian Church at 3841 NE 123rd St. Seattle, WA 98125, and phone number: (206) 949-8882.

LLC Instructor Profile

We are thrilled Bill Taylor has returned to LLC!

He's a Political Science instructor from Chicago. Some of his LLC classes include: Arab-Israeli Conflict, The Americas Before Columbus-1499, Current International Events, and Islam and the West.

When asked about unusual jobs or interests in his life, Bill mentioned that for 6 summers he was a facilitator for dialogue sessions between Israeli and Palestinian teens at Seeds of Peace Camp in Maine. Some of us remember seeing a 60 Minutes segment several years ago about this unusual camp.

After 65 years in the Chicago area, Bill has been in Seattle only 7 years and it was "blind luck" that brought him to LLC. Soon after his arrival in Seattle he was sitting in a Green Lake coffee shop, saw a community newspaper mentioning LLC, went home, looked it up on the Web and called Roger the same day. (LLC students and advocates, please note that serendipity and community publicity can be added to word of mouth as effective ways of bringing new people though our doors.)

When asked if he had any insights or wisdom about aging, Bill said that he is often among the youngest in his classes at LLC and so he looks to his students for inspiration about how to age well. "They're very good at it," he says.

Bill is troubled by recent political polarization in our country and he admits that frankly he is not optimistic about the prospects for the future. In his own life he took a recent hiatus from teaching at LLC in order to work on a 13 month remodel on his son and daughter-in-law's home. And here is something that will warm the heartstrings of fellow grandparents: The one thing that Bill says he enjoys most of all in the world is babysitting his grandchildren Eloise and Loic!

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